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A-1 Custom Cabinets has been delivering unique custom cabinets and furniture to the Tampa Bay area since 1970. Based in Clearwater, Florida, A-1 is one of the oldest cabinet shops in Pinellas County.

Although A-1 is most well known for their custom kitchens and baths, we are also at home in the office. Our quality shines through weather we are providing custom cabinets and furniture for the kitchen, bath, office, garage, outdoor kitchen or any other space you want to re-create.

When you choose custom office furniture from A-1, you are choosing quality, versatility, creativity, personality, and functionality all at once. We can help you turn your office into a place of quiet comfort, efficiency and productivity. Your office will go from ordinary to extraordinary.

Choose one of our many high quality woods including Birch, Red Oak, Maple and Cherry. Select from a range of door designs, finishes and hardware.

Your office will be created to fit your needs whether you are looking for a new home office or if this is your business office away from home. We can customize your new space according to how you would like to use it and what you want to get out of it.

Make the most of your space with hide-aways for office equipment. Incorporate built-in shelves that will be aesthetically pleasing while providing space for all of your office supplies, books and other items.

If you want to step it up a notch, you can utilize our professional design services. Our designer can look at your space and determine your personal desire for that space to create an office that is functional, practical and pleasing to your tastes. We can help you solve problems you may not have even considered before they occur.

A designer will take lighting, small spaces and any special needs into account to create the perfect office. Careful space planning can make a huge difference in the outcome of your new room.

At A-1 Custom Cabinets we can do all of this and provide it at a price that will fit your bottom line.

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Please contact us for more information, for a free estimate or to request an appointment to visit our showroom. 727-447-6815