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Who We Are

We have utilized Diane, and Art Whitney of A-1 Custom Cabinets for three major condo renovation projects that date back to 2003.

They take the time to understand our desired final goals, as well as individual taste, and financial budgets, and match their recommendations to match our needs, and always offer various options for us to choose from.

I am confident that Diane, and Art of Custom Cabinets can provide you with excellent service that will exceed your expectations.   Read about more happy customers

Kris & Mike Whitcraft, Gulfport, FL

Art Whitney - A-1   Custom CabinetsArt Whitney, President

Art is a rare bird as he is a lifelong resident of Pinellas County.  He was born in Morton Plant Hospital and graduated from Clearwater High School.  His cabinet career started in 1976 at a small cabinet shop operated by Clarence Peck.  The name of that shop was A-1 Custom Cabinets.  After two years perfecting the fundamentals, he went on to work in other high end cabinet shops, followed by working directly for building contractors in custom homes. 

In 1980 he sought fame and fortune moonlighting as the drummer for "The Fanatics".  This provided excellent fodder for future conversations as the band generated a hugh following throughout Florida.  They opened for many national concerts including:  The Ramones, The Stray Cats, X, Missing Persons, and The Thompson Twins.  As the flame of fame began to dim, he again followed his passion for construction and worked as project manager for a local builder. 

Never one to be still, he entered the competitive world of off-road motorcycle sports.  He excelled as an Enduro and Hare Scramble rider and twice earned class champion status.  His competitive spirit fueled his desire to be his own boss, and there was no question as to what business he would pursue. 

In 1994, he returned to A-1 Custom Cabinets with a silent partner and an offer to buy out the company.  His destiny seemed fulfilled once he bought the company where he started his career.  However, there was a new buyer on the horizon, a not-so-silent partner who sparked a whole new fire within him.  Two years later his partner became his wife and he has never looked back. 

Although he has recently reunited with The Fanatics and resumed his competitive off-road riding, his passion remains with his family and making A-1 Custom Cabinets the premier cabinet and design shop in the Tampa Bay area.

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Diane   WhitneyDiane Whitney, CFO/Interior Designer

Diane grew up in the small town of West Milton, Ohio.  After graduating high school, she went to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio where she majored in Interior Design. 

Upon graduation she promptly got married and followed her husband to Rochester, NY. There she worked as an interior designer in a major furniture store.  Realizing that marriage and the bitter cold were not for her, she migrated  to Florida like many Midwesterners do. 

Upon her arrival, she took a position in an area interior design studio before seeking her fortune in sales.  She worked for 7 years as a regional manager for an automotive marketing company, after which she re ignited her creative flair as a freelance designer.  About this time, she was overseeing a major project when she happened upon a dashing cabinet maker named Art Whitney. 

Apparently she was so desperate for a date that she bought into his company.  The two hit it off splendidly and within two years were married.  Now as a husband and wife team, they bring both masterful cabinet making and exquisite design together under one roof.

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Jim Preston   - A-1 Custom CabinetsJim Preston, Vice President

Jim started his cabinet career early in life when he bought a table saw at the age of 13 and set it up at his home in Monroe, MI..  Though he went on to work as a plumber at Culligan for 9 years, his creative outlet remained cabinet-making. He expertly taught himself the intricacies of wood working and took nearly every side job to fuel his passion. 

By his 20’s, wanderlust had set in and he decided to follow his brother to Death Valley, CA where he worked as a gourmet chef.  He did an additional stint as chef in a restaurant on the south rim of the Grand Canyon before returning to his roots in Michigan.  Again he returned to Culligan, but this time as plant manager.  Then, as many Michigan residents do, he made his way to Florida to escape the dreary cold. 

After running his own business for several years he opted to lower his stress and made his way to A-1 Custom Cabinets in 2004.  Jim is now an integral part of the A-1 family and vital to its success.

Roxie   Star Whitney of A-1 Custom CabinetsRoxie Star Whitney, Customer Relations

Roxie came to us in March of 2009, hailing from beautifulPace, Florida. Although she is the newest member to the A-1 team, she feels that she is undoubtedly the most important member. In her brief time here she has focused on reaching out to customers and developing stronger relationships with them. She is excited about her work at A-1 and has also taken a creative interest in the business. Several areas of the showroom have been redesigned and renovated as a direct result of her work.

Please contact us for more information, for a free estimate or to request an appointment to visit our showroom. 727-447-6815